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Shenzhen Hot Wheels International Logistics Co., Ltd.


Shenzhen Hot Wheels International Logistics Co., Ltd. Express is invests by Hong Kong international combined transport group is located in mainland China specialized one to be engaged in international express, the international aerial transport, the freight services sole ownership subsidiary company primarily, in synthesis physical distribution, warehousing, declaration and so on related service more perfect freight transportation company.

After many years diligently, the present company has a rich experience, the familiar physical distribution service professional troop, has the good profession standard and the prestige guarantee.

The company is equipped with the more perfect goods service network in the whole world, during development service, we also positive development and aviation, freight transportation company as well as other national area agent's intimate partner relations; The start navy, army, air forces combined transport, implements the gate to send the service in every way to the gate "one-stop" work style; The company develops the mentality, the consciousness in advance, portrays the brand-new enterprise image, in reality explores management mechanism and work flow, fusion modernization third party physical distribution solution and physical distribution project design service, what will be widespread is various enterprises customer provides quickly, safely, highly effective, the high quality omni-directional delivery service! Welcome to join our service network, the development mutually beneficial interaction, creates the win-win good opportunity.